Asphalt Ortsmeisterschaft 2023
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Asphalt-local championship 2023

The annual local championship of the ESV Lambrechten took place on 25 February. Both Langzauner teams presented themselves ...
Short-stroke presses from Langzauner
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Multiprocess-capable short-stroke presses from Langzauner

With the multi-process short-stroke press, Langzauner has created a system that is unique in terms of accuracy and frequency.
Mehretagen Hydraulikpresse Langzauner
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Hydraulic multi-daylight presses: from Lambrechten to Mexico

From the Innviertel region out into the wide world – many of the projects undertaken by Langzauner Perfect can be described with these words, one of which involves a hydraulic multi-daylight press providing 400 tonnes press force developed for a Mexican aerospace business.