Company Anniversaries 2022:

As has been the tradition at Langzauner for years, long-serving employees were honoured again this year during the Christmas party.
Together, the 6 employees can look back on 200 years of experience and Langzauner know-how!
It is therefore not surprising that almost all of them completed their apprenticeship with us.
But now to the employees of the year 2022:

Langzauner Firmenjubilare 2022

From left to right:
Thomas Witzmann, Josef Flotzinger, Lambert Hartinger, Gerhard Friedwagner, Martina Reisinger, Johannes Danninger, Christian Doblhammer, Erwin Witzmann

Gerhard Friedwagner –
40 years at Langzauner:

In 1982, Gerhard began his apprenticeship as a locksmith. At that time, he was still mainly involved in ski press construction, but he experienced and shaped the development of the company directly. Gerhard is part of the production team and is involved in the construction of every system.

Lambert Hartinger –
40 years at Langzauner:

And Lambert – known simply as “Bertl” among colleagues – has also been in Langzauner’s service since 1982. Together with Gerhard, he completed his apprenticeship as a locksmith. He knows the company and its development, and is known for his accuracy.

Josef Flotzinger –
40 years at Langzauner:

Josef is the only one of this round who joined Langzauner after completing his apprenticeship as an agricultural machinery mechanic. Josef is an expert in milling machines and he is also a perfect master of CNC machines.

Martina Reisinger –
30 years at Langzauner:

Martina, our all-rounder in the front office. Whether trade fair planning, dispatch or invoice assistance. She has known the company since the beginning of her apprenticeship in 1992, and in the meantime she also started her career as a mother of three. Her colleagues appreciate her reliability, and she always welcomes visitors with a friendly smile.

Johannes Danninger –
25 years at Langzauner:

Johannes also started his professional career in 1997 with an apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer. His career path was quite similar to Christian’s. In 2005 he received his master craftsman’s certificate and had actually turned his hobby into his profession. Working with metal is in his blood, and in his private life he is also considered a reliable “screwdriver” with a penchant for historical machines. Hannes has been head of production for several years now and is thus also the master of the large metalworking machines.

Christian Doblhammer –
25 years at Langzauner:

Christian began his apprenticeship as a mechanical engineering technician in 1997. In 2005 he passed the master craftsman’s examination, and then switched to construction. He has always seen challenges as further training and is now in charge of the 20-man construction team. For him, no customer’s wish is impossible, and he fiddles around until everyone is satisfied.

The management would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your commitment, your loyalty and your attachment to the company.