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RTM Press

Large hydraulic press on which airfoil components are produced. Due to a Torsion-free steel girder construction, this RTM press withstands the heaviest loads. A sliding table transports the molds and preforms into the press room, making the production process easy and safe. The sliding table additionaly allows a temperature control of the molds outside the press.

Laboratory Press with Servohydraulics

Due to the extreme flexibility of the servohydraulics, all production areas that are important in the composite sector can be carried out.
Pressure, temperature and pressroom position can be controlled independently of each other.

Solvay Composites Materials Application Center
in Heanor

  • Double diaphragm forming enabling manufacture of complex shapes.
  • Hot compression molding of sub 5 min cure prepreg.
  • High pressure resin transfer molding (HP-RTM) with Sub 5 min cure time.

Hydraulic downstroke press for Solvey Group