Molding Presses

elektrische Spindelpressen

Langzauner produces and develops customized tailor-made press solutions in various sizes and configurations. Direct or indirect heated molds are clamped manually or automatically on surfaces up to more than 8,000 mm in length. A tool shuttle ensures an automated, quick and stable tool change in just a few minutes. Thanks to the unique servo-hydraulic drive, the presses work with maximum precision and extraordinary energy efficiency. For perfect parallelism, the cylinders are individually controlled.

Your advantage -precision and effiency:

  • Mechanical engineering “Made in Austria” up to 50,000KN or more
    • Solid and robust engineering
    • Maintenance-free cylinder technology
    • Hotplate sizes over 8,000 mm in length
  • Flexible parameters, pressure, time, temperature, measurement
  • Servohydraulics with pressure accuracies up to 1%
    • Low-maintenance system and extended service life of the hydraulic oil
    • Optimized pump technology with up to 75 % less energy consumption
    • Oil cooling not necessary
  • Active parallel control in thermoneutral design
  • Heating and cooling systems in electrical, water or thermal oil version
  • Heating plates and cooling plates up to 500 °C
  • Integration of systems such as robots, injection units, primary heating circuits, etc.
  • Flexible software and visualization on an Langzauner standard
  • Data management based on digitization philosophy (Industry 4.0)

In addition to the technical data given here, we also offer special solutions for your individual needs.