Panel Presses

Sandwich-Presse, Crush Core Presse, Honeycomb Presse, Heißpresse

Langzauner produces and develops customized Panel presses in various sizes and configuration levels. Depending on customer requirements, the presses are designed for manual operation, as a continuous press or with storage and retrieval machines for automated handling of the panels.
Handling of the parts during loading or unloading can be realized manually, semi-automatically or as fully automated unmanned production.

Your advantage – precision and efficiency:

  • Mechanical engineering “Made in Austria” up to 100000 kN or more
    • Solid and robust engineering
    • Maintenance-free cylinder technology
    • Hotplate sizes over 8,000mm in length
  • Flexible parameters, pressure, time, temperature, measurement
  • Servohydraulics with pressure accuracies up to 1 %
    • Low-maintenance system and extended service life of the hydraulic oil
    • Optimized pump technology with up to 75% less energy consumption
    • Oil cooling not necessary
  • Active parallel control in thermoneutral design
  • Heating and cooling systems in electrical, water or thermal oil version
  • Heating plates and cooling plates up to 350 °C
  • Integration of systems such as robots, injection units, primary heating circuits, etc.
  • Flexible software and visualization on an Langzauner standard
  • Data management based on digitization philosophy (Industry 4.0)

In addition to the technical data given here, we also offer special solutions for your individual needs.