Langzauner Baustelle
Langzauner Bauprojekt

Demolition of the old assembly hall

Langzauner’s construction project has already begun and is starting to take shape.

The assembly hall from the 60s has already been demolished. Woodworking machines and grinding and polishing machines were built in this hall until the demolition. For this location, the new building will house a state-of-the-art paint shop, an enlarged electrical department and various storage facilities. An assembly hall with a height of 21 m will be added to the expanded premises, which will become the new main assembly hall for composite presses and automation systems.

Large equipment for large projects
Although the demolition work turned out to be more extensive than previously assumed, there was no delay in construction. While the materials were being sorted, the construction crane for the construction of the hall could already be set up. Also the first concrete works could be started already. The next step will be to erect the assembly hall.

Langzauner Bauvorhaben

Pressen Montagehalle
Langzauner Montagehalle 1960