Innovative lightweight construction technology by ENGEL and Langzauner

Langzauner and ENGEL have jointly developed innovative composite processing technologies that set new standards in lightweight construction. Both companies bring their specific strengths: ENGEL in injection molding technology and Langzauner in the development of hydraulic presses and special machines.

This collaboration resulted in a combined system for processing composite semi-finished products, integrating press and injection molding technology. This technology allows for the forming and back-injecting of semi-finished products in a single process step, making production more efficient and energy-saving – ideal for applications in e-mobility and urban air mobility.

The control is managed by ENGEL’s CC300, providing real-time process monitoring and integrated safety systems. This improves user-friendliness and enhances the efficiency of manufacturing processes.

The innovative solution from ENGEL and Langzauner offers not only technological but also economic advantages for customers by making the production of lightweight parts more sustainable and cost-effective.

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