Langzauner Stand

This was the JEC World in Paris

This time Langzauner came to Paris with a double team, after the stream of visitors increased in the last years more and more. This year, the trade fair for the composites industry was once again a magnet for visitors.

Langzauner presented automation concepts forpressing systems and component handling at its newly designed concept, where ergonomics and work safety play a major role.

Tool safety gates supplement the automation lines so that mold tools can easily be removed from the system for quality assurance purposes or special loading processes. The production process continues without interruption. Opening stations, where the immer mold surfaces are made ergonomically accessible to the operator, round off the concepts.

The intelligent solutions from Langzauner were also shown to the interested visitors in a film, where the system components and their arrangement are shown. But Langzauner also surprised the visitors with Innviertler brewing art. Baumgartner Pils with Langzauner labels was taken along and offered to customers and interested visitors. Also the game cards, where the presses of Langzauner are shown, were very well received.

It was a great trade fair where we made many new contacts and intensified customer relations. Next year we will definitely be there again!