New Apprentices at Langzauner

At the end of August, a new phase of life began for other apprentices.
The future metal technicians with a focus on mechanical engineering will be Langzauner
trained with a lot of commitment.

In addition to the solid education, there is the possibility that the apprentices
attend training programs and courses, such as English or robot programming.
Great emphasis is placed on training apprentices well and
to promote the community through excursions and corporate events.
For Langzauner it is the goal that not only the apprenticeship is successfully completed,
but the further professional career at Langzauner is continued.
Promotion opportunities included!

Many of our apprentices completed their apprenticeship in the fields of metal construction, mechatronics or electrical engineering with excellent success and also took advantage of the offer
apprenticeship with higher school certificate.
A family environment with varied tasks in an internationally successful company prepares today’s skilled workers of tomorrow for a successful professional life.

Welcome to Langzauner!
We wish you an exciting and educational apprenticeship!