Langzauner on its way to East Asia

The new hydraulic press from Langzauner made its way to Korea and was said friendly goodbye. This press is used there to produce high-quality car components from a well-known manufacturer.

The forming press is equipped with the latest servo hydraulics that regulates the pressing force, the position and the speed of the press bear. This achieves a pressure accuracy of up to 1 %.

An active parallel control monitors the parallelism of the press bear during the pressing process and compensates an inclined position if necessary.

The integrated sliding table allows an easy and fast mold tool change, which increases productivity. In addition, the sliding table is centered before each pressing process so that the mold tool halves meet perfectly. This guarantees a repeatable pressing.

In this way, it is possible not only to produce high-quality car parts, but also to carry out economical production processes.