Hydraulic multi-daylight presses: from Lambrechten to Mexico

From the Innviertel region out into the wide world – many of the projects undertaken by Langzauner Perfect can be described with these words, one of which involves a hydraulic multi-daylight press providing 400 tonnes press force developed for a Mexican aerospace business.

Mehretagen Hydraulikpresse Langzauner

Multi-daylight presses for the processing of composites

Mehretagenpressen von Langzauner

Langzauner Perfect has designed, produced and supplied in ready-to-use form a hydraulic multi-daylight press for an international customer in Mexico active in the aerospace sector. This powerful daylight press with its 400 tonnes of press force is to be used for the processing of composite components. The special features of this daylight press include:

  • Infinitely adjustable servo-hydraulics
  • A 700 kW heating and cooling unit
  • 100% adaptability to customer requirements
  • Automation/component handling

Our customer in Mexico is now, thanks to the Langzauner press, capable of the efficient serial production of interior sections and seating for an international aircraft manufacturer.

An overview of the multi-daylight presses by LZ

Ideal logistics for international customers

Mehretagen Hydraulikpresse Logistik

We may have our roots in the provincial Innviertel region of Austria, but we are well aware of the requirements of our customers throughout the world.

We at Langzauner Perfect are a one-stop shop for turnkey-ready products for international projects and offer:

  • Feasibility studies and initial concept development
  • Construction and detailing
  • Assembly and commissioning, including logistics
  • Subsequent servicing

In-house engineering and production

We offer all services relating to complex projects, from the initial feasibility study through to the actual construction of new presses.

We have our own development department that can undertake all relevant development and engineering processes. The range of our capabilities means that we are the one-stop shop that can provide that perfect solution:

  • Mechanical construction
  • Electronics design and control cabinet construction
  • Hydraulics
  • Software and visualisation aspects
  • Robotics and automation

We ensure the best possible quality – Made in Austria – in all phases.

Logistics: supply of systems in turnkey status

Not only are our presses of high quality, the transport and commissioning services we can provide for new systems are just as outstanding. Our logistics services are similarly professional, our:

  • Transport logistics
  • International customs processing
  • Experienced commissioning teams

ensure that new systems in the excellent Langzauner quality you know and trust can be commissioned anywhere in the world. We provide active support to our customers and make sure that everything – procedures and deadlines – runs like clockwork.

Our customer in Mexico was suitably impressed by our professionalism. The hydraulic multi-daylight press was transported safe and sound from Austria to Mexico and commissioned in good time.

Take advantage of our turnkey-ready services for our special presses Made in Austria!