• preocessing line for wall panels

Processing line for wall panels

  • Insertion device with lifting table
  • Glue application system
  • Table with tacking station
  • Conveyor belt
  • Rotary table
  • 2×3-daylight press with loading and unloading basket
  • Transport chain conveyor
  • Alignment and take-off station
  • Vacuum portal
  • Buffer station
  • Angular transfer


With this system wall elements are produced from cover layers.

Cover layers are stacked on top of each other on the insertion device. A lifting device transports the cover layers individually into the glue application machine, where the cover layers are glued from above and below. The glued top layers are conveyed to the conveyor, where they are manually placed on the table. The cover layers are covered with frame timbers and insulating materials, tensioned by stop rulers and stapled together with integrated tacking devices.

The resulting wall element is transported onto the transport and alignment table and turned horizontally 90°. The wall element is automatically moved into the loading basket, which loads the daylight press with the wall element. In the daylight press, the wall element is pressed and conveyed via the unloading basket onto a transport chain conveyor.

The transport chain conveyor transports the wall elements to the alignment and take-off station. Individual wall elements can be discharged there, if required. Otherwise, they are placed on the buffer station with a vacuum suction cup, where they can either be discharged via a roller door or transported to an existing roller conveyor via the angular transfer.

Hyraulikpresse mit Etagen

Tailor-made solutions from one source

Efficient heating control up to the entire process control system made in “Lambrechten”.

Your advantages:

  • One contact person and one visualization for the entire process chain.
  • Customer-specific order processing and component traceability within the manufacturing processes. Each component receives an identification number and is monitored in the entire process control system.

Integrated hydraulic press with 2 x 3 levels

Comprehensive know-how and state-of-the-art automation tools make it possible to optimally integrate each press from Langzauner into the user-specific environment.

Chain conveyors integrated in the heating platens of the press allow for maximum flexibility and component variance. Thus, a central loading is always realized – regardless of the component width or number of components.