• Hydraulic deep drawing press

Tool testing and production press

Sliding table
Depth stops
Cutting impact damping with parallel control
Ram guides
Tool functions
Tool change consoles
Deep-drawing cylinders
Die cushion
Integration into a process control system


Hydraulic downstroke press used for forming, embossing and punching of sheet metal products with progressive and transfer tools.
Depending on the customer’s requirements, this type of press can be realized in various sizes and expansion stages as a single press or in an automation line.

User-friendly, ergonomic and time-saving

The press is equipped with a sliding table for an easier tool change. When the sliding table is moved out, the two halves of the tool are placed on the sliding table. Langzauner offers various possibilities for the fixing of the tools.

The sliding table is conveyed into the press with the tool and the automatic tool change is carried out via a programmable controller.  This not only allows ergonomic preparation for the coming production – changeover times are also considerably reduced.

Cutting impact

Up to a certain range of deformation, the workpiece offers significant resistance. The load that occurs acts on the ram, resulting in elastic compression in the press ram and elastic expansion in the press frame. Once this deformation range has been overcome, only a small amount of resistance is left. The press ram and the press frame are relaxed. This causes the cutting impact, which under unfavourable conditions can damage the press ram and the tool. To prevent this, the press is equipped with a cutting shock damping system.

Cutting impact damping with parallel holding for low stress on the press when the punching material breaks through

The service life of the press and cutting tools is significantly
increased by the integrated cutting impact dampers, as the ram is subjected to less stress. As a result, the ram is less worn and damage is avoided. Another advantage is that noise and vibrations during punching are reduced to a minimum.

The cutting shock absorber consists of a cylinder whose pressure chamber is filled with oil. If the press ram initially moves at normal speed, the speed at which the material is processed increases many times over. A high counterpressure is created in the cutting shock damper, which damps the cutting shock. The oil is displaced by the cutting shock and is refilled during the upward movement of the press ram when the piston moves to its initial position.

Depth stops

The depth stops installed in the press ensure high repeat accuracy and have a cost-saving effect on the die design, as stroke limitations in the tool can be omitted. The stops can be conveniently adjusted via the machine control.