Spare Parts

Any malfunctions are assigned to the fabrication number of the system and recorded in the long term. With each additional system, we improve the use of our components and create an extensive emergency stock in-house as well as at the corresponding suppliers. All information on your equipment is stored in our system and is readily available, even in the event of a change of location.

In order to quickly locate the right spare parts, we ask you to have the fabrication number of the press or system ready. You will always find this on a black, engraved plate – usually on the switch cabinet.

We will be happy to work with you to develop a spare parts package for your machine that will ensure the availability of your production plant.

Maintenance & Inspection

Wartung und Inspektion

Spare Parts

Ersatzteile Service

Remote Maintenance

Fernwartung Service


Umbau - Retrofit

Training/Process Optimisation

Schulung - Prozessoptimierung

Your advantage – precision and efficiency

Timely replacement of original wear and spare parts offers you these advantages:

  • Increase in machine availability due to minimal repair times
  • Minimisation of the risk of production downtime
  • Avoidance of expensive consequential damage and chain reactions
  • Extension of the service life and optimal value retention of the plant