Abfahrt zum Spartan Race
Langzauner Spartan Race 2018 in Oberndorf

Langzauner is also Spartan

8 men and 6 women have moved out to participate in the legendary Spartan Race in Oberndorf, Tyrol.
8 men and 6 women have returned, conscious of mastering one of the world’s toughest and dirtiest steeplechases.

Nothing stopped them, no moat, no mud, no hurdles. As a true “Spartan”, javelin throwing could not stop Team Langzauner to master this legendary race. Encouraging the numerous spectators and mobilizing all their powers, our heroines and heroes jumped over the blazing fire in the finish – what a finish!

After this adventure, the energy storage was replenished by sitting together in the evening with food and drink.
So strengthened yet an Oktoberfest was visited in the next town.

Spartan – we will be back!

Langzauner Spartan Race 2018 Wettbewerb

Spartan Race - Tam Langzauner im Zieleinlauf
Langzauner Team Spartan Race