Montagehalle Langzauner
Baustelle Langzauner

Another construction stage is almost completed

Langzauner expands its assembly area by more than 1000 square meters, which generously increases the development, production and logistics capacities.

The extended floor space was thoroughly prepared for the new assembly hall after the demolition of the old assembly hall.
The old concrete floor was removed and new foundations laid. Since Langzauner will expand its international presence, especially in automation technology
and plant construction, the needs for the production site for special machines and plants will also increase.

The steel girders for the 21 m high assembly hall are currently being anchored. At the same time, the ventilation shafts
for a state-of-the-art extraction system and the painting plant are being built. In the next construction phase, the roof and the wall panels will be erected.

Bau Lackieranlage

Stahlbau Montagehalle
Pressenhalle Fundament