Mold Tool Shuttle Systems
and Pre-heating Stations

Mold tool changes are offered at Langzauner in a variety of forms and degrees of automation. From simple spring-loaded roller strips to a fully automated unmanned tool change system, Langzauner covers the entire field of tool automation.

The biggest problem with the productivity of small batches is the time factor for product changeover or mold tool changeover:

  • Mold tool cooling
  • Manual loading and unloading (e.g by a forklift truck)
  • Manual equipping and alignment of the mold tool
  • Tempering at process temperature

These processes can last up to an entire working day (shift).


Werkzeugshuttle Langzauner

Composite Presses


Wood Working


Metal Working


Hot in, hot out – ready for production < 5 minutes – Patented by Langzauner

Langzauner has developed a solution that provides a tool changeover under 5 minutes,
and this with tool weights up to 45 T and more. The tools are pre-heated electrically or with media. WITHOUT EVEN MAKING A HANDLE!