Sliding tables for changing over components and tools at presses

Sliding tables for changing over tools and components are among the most efficient automation tools in modern press systems. With decades of experience to call on, Langzauner Perfect has been designing presses for manufacturers in the fields of composites and metals. Special solutions individually tailored to your processes enable us to achieve maximum precision with minimum tooling time when changing over tools and components using hydraulically operated sliding tables.

Optimized tool changeover

All Langzauner presses and each sliding table belonging to them are specifically tailored to the task in question in the customer’s project.


Operator ergonomics can suffer when changing over tools inside the press due to the heat and confined space. Automated sliding tables make ergonomic tool and component changeover possible outside the press system.


Changing over tools outside the press system minimizes the risk of accidents caused by inattentiveness during retooling or when setting down tools.

Maximum precision in minimal time

If the amount of time taken for retooling is to be minimized owing to frequent tool or component changeover at the presses then the best method is to change the tools on the automated sliding table.

Features of changing over tools and components on a sliding table

Proven Langzauner presses are individually adapted or planned as special solutions. As part of state-of-the automated presses, hydraulic sliding tables come with a range of benefits for changing over tools and components:

Tool changeover outside the press system

Changing over tools and components using a sliding table is done outside the press system. The result:

  • Short tooling times because there is no need to wait for the tool to cool down inside the press
  • Sliding table accessible outside the press from three sides
  • Accessible for crane and forklift – the product is easy to transport away
  • Extension and retraction of the sliding table cyclically adapted to the process cycle
  • Big time savings for frequent tool changeovers

Precision of the hydraulic sliding table

The hydraulically operated sliding table with profile rail guide not only serves to optimize tooling times, but also enables extremely precise positioning of tools and components and all associated advantages:

  • Precise positioning without play
  • Very high load rating
  • Very high stiffness
  • Low displacement forces
  • Repetition accuracy

Versions: Single or double sliding table

Alongside the classic solution of a single sliding table, Langzauner also offers double sliding tables. The double sliding table moves left and right and offers the following advantages for changing over components and tools:

  • More efficient handling
  • Shortened cycle times through parallel opening systems
  • Maximum utilization of the downstream process steps

Tool carrying consoles

As an alternative to the automated sliding table, changing over tools at the press can also be done using a carrying console. Like the sliding table, the tool carrying console also has the advantages of changing tools outside the press system. However, it does have a cost advantage over the sliding table. We opt for suspension carrying consoles for the tool changeover, as these can facilitate better accessibility to the press through simple disassembly if necessary. Push chain carrying consoles with electric drive can also be combined with presses from Langzauner.

The experts from Langzauner would be pleased to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of tool carrying consoles versus sliding table for the specific requirements of your planned press systems.

Customized presses with sliding table

State-of-the-art press systems and customer-specific, customized automation – that’s what Langzauner stands for. Changing over tools and components using a hydraulic sliding table is an important element of customer-focused process optimization. Together, we will develop the best possible press solution for you too.

With Langzauner’s one-stop shop principle, you can trust in a competent partner from initial idea to commissioning & service.

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