Multi-daylight presses by Langzauner Perfect

Using the multi-daylight presses by Langzauner Perfect, it is possible to reduce process cycle times and increase batch sizes during production in the timber and metal industries and the preparation of composite articles for the aviation, sports and caravan sectors. All our multi-daylight presses are tailor-made to suit the production systems employed by our customers and are equipped with the latest technologies.

Mehretagenpressen von Langzauner

More output per production stage

Langzauner’s multi-daylight presses provide for a genuine increase in productivity. The multilayer processing means that the output of each pressing procedure can be massively boosted.

Individual design of tailor-made multi-daylight presses

Each of our multi-daylight presses is designed and built by Langzauner Perfect to conform to the requirements of each customer:

  • Integration in heating and cooling systems: Our multi-daylight presses can be integrated in existing heating and cooling systems (thermal oil/water). We are also able to design and construct new heating and cooling systems on the basis of customer specifications.
  • Individual or combined control of layers: Innovative heating plates (made of steel or aluminium) can be controlled individually for each layer using a single cylinder. In the case of combined control, all layers are controlled on the basis of a concertina principle. We will configure each press in accordance with individual customer’s wishes.

Automation for optimal component processing

By means of the integration of

  • Automated loading systems (robot retrieval systems)
  • Buffer stations for temporary storage (high rack warehouses)

a fully automated production process results that enables efficient production flows and greater flexibility when it comes to production. The level of automation that can be realised by Langzauner Perfect extends as far as unmanned production.

Click here to learn more about Langzauner’s automation options.

Potential applications of our multi-daylight presses

Langzauner Perfect, based in Lambrechten in Upper Austria, is specialised in the design and construction of daylight presses for use in timber and metal processing and the production of composite articles:

  • Multi-daylight presses for the timber industry: Efficient production of façade elements and sheet products, finished articles and doors.
  • Multi-daylight presses for the metal industry: Among the daylight presses made by Langzauner is one designed specifically for the production of fire doors.
  • Composite presses in multi-daylight form: The efficient and reliable solution for the production of lightweight sheet products for the aviation industry is the daylight presses by Langzauner Perfect.
  • Presses for alpine and cross-country skis and snowboards: Businesses operating in the sports article sector can also rely on shorter process cycle times and larger serial batch production when it comes to making alpine and cross-country skis and snowboards with the help of the daylight presses by Langzauner Perfect.
  • Daylight presses for the caravan industry: Caravan manufacturers are already relying on the specific solutions supplied by Langzauner from Upper Austria for the serial production of larger lightweight components.

Each system is designed in close consultation with customers and supplied in ready-to-use form.

100 % component traceability thanks to LZ perfectDATA

One of the features of our multi-daylight presses that particularly impresses our customers is the transparent component traceability concept made possible by the LZ perfectDATA optimised process data recording system:

  • Data registration in real-time (in less than 4 ms.)
  • 100% traceability of components
  • Can be integrated in all relevant systems (central visual management)
  • Predictive maintenance

The web-based LZ perfectDATA application is compatible with all operating systems and provides the option of retrofitting.

Composite Presses


Wood Working


Metal Working


Your advantage – precision and efficiency:

  • Hydraulic press systems up to 50000 kN
  • Very low height
  • Energy saving drive concept
  • Considerably less oil volume
  • Very good accessibility
  • Servo hydraulics, high precision and energy efficiency
  • Active parallel control
  • Automatic mold tool changing system
  • Storage and retrieval machines
  • Warehousing
  • Handling
  • Robot and gripper Technology for loading and unloading
  • Single and double shuttle table
  • Heating plates and cooling plates
  • Vacuum systems
  • Flexible Software with full traceability
  • Data backup
  • Turnkey production line for mass production