Robotics for the automation of component handling

In situations in which the limited flexibility of linear systems reduces their potential, robotic technology using multiaxial joints and gripper arms comes into its own. Langzauner Perfect offers tailor-made robotic-based solutions designed for the highly efficient handling of materials and components in upstream and downstream processes.

Customised component handling by Langzauner

Langzauner can provide component handling adapted to your individual needs along your process chain. A holistic approach to handling forms the basis of our approach in our projects. The properties of tools and components, spatial considerations, load distribution, set-up and cycle times are also taken into account in our design process together with the existing control systems and the incorporated software elements.

Thanks to the expertise of our in-house R&D department, we can undertake all the required planning and realisation stages necessary to achieve efficient 3D material transfer:

  • Hardware and software engineering
  • Simulations with feasibility analyses
  • Risk evaluation
  • Construction
  • Conveyor and security technology for the production flow
Hydraulikpresse Roboter

Your independent partner for 3D material transfer systems

Open systems and flexibility are necessary if technology is to be at the cutting edge. Langzauner is not restricted to the use of specific robotic systems or manufacturers but will employ the best robotic solution that will provide the most efficient operation of your press.

Your benefits:

  • Open system: multiaxial robots offered by all manufacturers can be integrated
  • Continuous data collection for digitalised production processes
  • Continuous processes for maximum efficiency

We will work closely with you during the development process to find the optimal technical solution that will provide a perfectly coordinated material flow. And at the focus of our concept will be efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Whether you are planning an upgrade or to acquire a new system, if you decide to opt for Langzauner based in Lambrechten in Austria you can be sure that state of the art robotics will be employed for your production.

One-Stop-Shop by Langzauner

As a specialist in press technology and automation we can offer part solutions or everything from a single source. We provide support to our customers over the entire course of a project and are the ideal partner when it comes to the first concept through to the commissioning of new robotics systems:

  • Project planning
  • Implementation incl. CE certification
  • Transport logistics and customs processing
  • On-site commissioning
  • Servicing

Take advantage of the know-how and implementation skills of our team and be sure of efficient component handling for press technology thanks to Langzauner!

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