RTM press systems from Langzauner:
The expert in Resin Transfer Molding

Langzauner offers its customers Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) press systems as a one-stop-solution. The importance of RTM processes in lightweight engineering continues to grow across a wide range of production areas. Carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) and other fiber composites are becoming increasingly vital materials not only in the aviation industry and automotive sector. – Langzauner offers RTM press systems that are 100% oriented towards individual production processes.

The advantages of Resin Transfer Molding

RTM processes have established themselves in lightweight engineering because they deliver advantages in the production processes and in the quality of the parts:

  • ideal solution for automated processes
  • relatively short cycle times, which can be further optimized through gap impregnation or gap injection
  • low clock cycles and high output rates
  • parts with a high-quality finish and excellent strength
  • production of parts with a high fiber volume content
  • reproducible, safe production processes

Langzauner is your partner for all popular RTM processes:

When low clock times and high output rates are required, the composite industry very often uses RTM processes. Langzauner offers press systems for all popular RTM processes:

RTM process Exact designationRange of applications
HP-RTMHigh Pressure Resin Transfer MoldingHigh Pressure RTM is the ideal application for shorter cycle times in the production of CFRP parts. The higher pressure in both the mixing head and the mold sharply reduces the cycle times for larger parts.
SQ-RTMSame Qualified Resin Transfer MoldingSQ RTM is ideal for the production of large close-contour parts with a high degree of complexity. Ideal for the manufacture of parts in the aviation industry. SQ Resin Transfer Molding achieves a significant reduction in costs compared to the production of parts in autoclaves.
C-RTMCompression Resin Transfer MoldingCompression RTM enables the series production of CFRP parts with a high fiber volume content in short cycle times. A lower injection pressure is offset by the closing force of the press system.
L-RTMLight Resin Transfer MoldingLight RTM is an injection process that uses a sealed mold. The resin is injected under low pressure with vacuum assistance.
LRTM press systems are especially suited for the production of complex parts in the caravan and automotive industry.

Recognised expert in the construction of RTM press systems

Our RTM press systems deliver parts of every size in perfect quality. At Langzauner, we combine decades of experience constructing press systems with the know-how and innovative strength of an automation specialist. – There are clear advantages for our customers:

  • Maximum process optimization through 100% tailor-made systems
  • RTM press systems for a range of materials
    • CFRP (carbon fibers)
    • GFRP (glass fibers)
    • Natural fibers
  • Optimization for high technical requirements
    • High loads (e.g., aviation)
    • Optimization for parts with high geometrical complexity
  • Expertise in precision and energy-efficient servo-hydraulics
  • Automation solutions for upstream and downstream processes
  • Large parts up to 12,000 x 2,000 mm (individual spans of up to 20 m possible)
  • Press forces up to 100,000 kN (higher press forces also possible as required)
  • Optimization to cycle times & space available
Bauteil HP-RTM Verfahren

RTM press systems: One-stop shop by Langzauner

As an overall integrator, Langzauner designs a total line with maximum efficiency for highly complex requirements in the production of composites. Langzauner designs RTM press systems exactly tailored to the needs of customers including:

  • Preform manufacture
  • Rework station
  • Quality assurance
  • Data recording and data analysis (with perfectDATA)

as automated and turnkey total systems. With our one-stop shop principle, customers can have all the steps involved in creating a new RTM press carried out by Langzauner, from initial project meeting to commissioning on site.

Composite Presses


Wood Working


Metal Working


Our presses offer:

  • Hydraulic press systems up to 50,000 kN
  • Servo hydraulics, high accuracy and energy efficiency (details and servo hydraulics)
  • Active parallel control
  • Swivel unit for swiveling the upper mold tool
  • Automatic mold tool change system
  • Storage and retrieval machines
  • Warehousing
  • Handling
  • Robotic and gripper technology for loading and unloading
  • Single or double shuttle table
  • Heating and cooling systems up to 450 °C
  • Heating plates and cooling plates
  • Vacuum Systems
  • Flexible software with full traceability
  • Data backup
  • Turnkey production lines for mass production