Thermoforming for standard plastics: Presses for thermoplastic and thermosets

Customised presses from Langzauner Perfect enable thermoforming for the precise, efficient production of moulded parts and semi-finished products from standard plastics like thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic. The presses that are made in Austria are used in the construction industry, electronics industry as well as in the consumer goods production sector. Every thermoforming press is designed along the customer processes and offers state-of-the-art technology for forming standard plastics.

Processing conventional plastics

With the custom-made presses from Langzauner Perfect, series production of moulded parts and semi-finished products from mass plastics can be implemented. This process requires flexibility as to the supply of raw material for the customised thermoplastic presses. The following standard plastics can be processed with presses from Langzauner:

Standard plastics

PE-LD, PE-LLD & PE-HDPolyethylene
PUPolyurethane resins
PETRecyclate from PET bottles & packaging
PTFEPolytetrafluoroethylene (better known as Teflon®)
The press expert Langzauner Perfect utilises its expertise in the field of thermoforming of standard plastics, in order to enhance the efficiency of production processes also for the mass production of consumer goods, in the construction sector and in the electronics industry.

Typical applications of Langzauner machines

Langzauner Perfect from Lambrechten (Upper Austria) offers the design and construction of presses for the thermoforming of conventional plastics. The following examples of the use of our presses in series production provide orientation:

  • Production of thermoplastic filter elements (PP PE PVDF): Langzauner presses are utilised in the manufacturing process of filter plates for sophisticated solid-liquid separation using filter presses. The thermoplastic filter elements are for example used in the mining industry, for wastewater treatment, the chemical industry and for pharmaceutics.
  • Production of recycling plates: The production of PET, PE, PS, PP recycling plates is an example of how Langzauner presses are used. With the technology of Langzauner Perfect, panels for the furniture industry and construction sector are manufactured from plastic waste that is 100 % recycled (e.g. from the oceans).
  • Forming of thermosets: The unique process of forming thermosets is applied in the production of mass consumer goods. With Langzauner presses, for example toilet seats are produced in high volume series. The raw material for this process can also be supplied to the presses as free-flowing material.
  • Transfer moulding for the electronics industry: In the field of transfer moulding, presses from Langzauner offer the perfect solution for production steps of electronic components. With transfer moulding, components can be protected by means of casting compounds.

Every press from Langzauner is designed in close cooperation with our customers and supplied as a turnkey solution.

Integrated heating and cooling systems

The custom-made presses for standard plastics allow for the integration of existing cooling and heating systems as well as a complete redesign.

  • Tempering with liquid media (water or thermal oil)
  • Electric heating (heating plates or directly heated tools)

Langzauner Perfect always places its focus in the design of heating and cooling systems for presses on reduced energy consumption at maximum efficiency.

Automation for component processing

Langzauner Perfect is the specialist for upstream and downstream automation to make component processing efficient. The design of Langzauner presses can involve the following embedded automation processes:

  • Robots
  • Linear axis processing
  • Volumetric and gravimetric dosing
  • Tool changing systems
  • Automatic component removal
  • Destacking of finished components
  • Storage technology

Presses for custom-made plastics

With custom-made presses, Langzauner Perfect from Lambrechten (Upper Austria) maps your thermoforming processes in an individual fashion. We provide assistance to our customers in all respects from the design to the turnkey handover of the press. It is our goal to offer smooth series production of moulded parts and semi-finished products of standard plastics to our customers.

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