Short-stroke presses from Langzauner Perfect

Short-stroke presses from Langzauner Perfect set new standards in the forming and production of composite parts for the aerospace, automotive and railway industries.Each system is developed according to the individual process flows of the client and offers state-of-the-art technology.

Kurzhubpresen - Short-sroke-press und Injektion

Flexibility in forming: Multiprocess-capable system

Increase the flexibility of your production line or expand your possibilities in prototyping as well as in series production with a multiprocess-capable composite press from Langzauner Perfect. The following forming processes are possible with a Langzauner short-stroke press:

Thermoplast processing

GMTGlass Mat Thermoplastics
LFTLong-Fibre Thermoplastics
LWRTLightweight Reinforced Thermoplastics

Thermoset processing

SMCSheet Moulding Compound
IMCIn Mould Coating
PCMPre Preg Compression Moulding
WCMWet Compression Moulding

Natural fibres

TP/TSFibre-Plastic Composite

Resin infusion

RTMResin Transfer Moulding
HP-RTMHigh-pressure Resin Transfer Moulding
SQ-RTMSame Qualified Resin Transfer Moulding

Thermoforming of organ sheets

Mould carrier for injection moulding
Bolt-on injection: Back injection of semi-finished products

The multiprocess capability in conjunction with the compact design as a short-stroke press opens up completely new possibilities in production.

Hydraulics: High-speed control loop and maximum power

Our short-stroke models allow high-speed material transfer with full control of parallelism and maximum press force:

  • Pressing force 26,000 kN (hydraulic pressing force up to 50,000 kN possible)
  • Closing speed 800 mm/s with a moving mass of over 60 tonnes
  • Extremely fast control loop of less than 100 µs
  • Pressure build-up in under a second
  • Eccentric load up to 21,000 kN (kilonewton)
  • Full speed material transfer with full control of parallelism
  • Automatic tool changing systems

The values listed are examples of short-stroke presses from Langzauner Perfect’s mechanical engineering division.When planning and executing new composite presses, we are guided by the values you need to achieve for your process flows.

Hydraulik Kurzhubpressen - Short-stroke presses

Short control loop for highly reactive process

A powerful CPU enables highly reactive parallelism control, which directly influences the material properties during the pressing process. The exceptional reaction times are achieved thanks to the incomparably short control loop of the Langzauner short-stroke presses.

Innovative infrared ovens and transfer axes

30 infrared heating fields can be individually controlled and regulated with the press control. With the innovative infrared ovens, energy consumption is greatly reduced. At the same time, the heating fields can be adjusted directly to the material thickness.

Exemplary performance data of an LZ Perfect system:

  • Infrared heating for high temperatures over 500°C
  • 585 kW Peak heating power
  • 30 freely programmable control zones
  • 18 pyrometers (heat measurement) and 12 thermocouples
  • Each heating element can be regulated between 0 and 100% and assigned to a control zone
  • Transfer time from the oven to the position in the press is a few seconds
  • Line Scan Cameras detect irregularities
  • Combination of heating and cooling plates possible

Performance of IR heating fields as well as transfer times are defined in consultation with our customers.– The process requirements always set the pace for the performance of the customised short-stroke press from Langzauner Perfect in Upper Austria.

Advantages of Langzauner presses

Our many years of experience in planning and building composite presses brings technological advantages:

  • Servohydraulics for high accuracy & energy efficiency
  • Lower oil volume
  • Compact design with good accessibility
  • Energy-saving drive concept

Langzauner Perfect is a professional in automation for presses:

  • Tool changing systems (single & double shuttle table)
  • Loading and unloading with industrial robots
  • Storage and retrieval machines
  • Storage technology

Find out more about our automation solutions for your composite press here.

Infrarotofen Kurzhubpressen - Short-stroke presses

perfectDATA: Data processing for high-frequency processes

LZ perfectDATA can be used to process the process data from the high-frequency control loop:

  • Real-time data recording (under 4 msec)
  • Trend analyses
  • Visualisation of 500,000 data points and more
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Intelligent energy management (control & monitoring of the IR heating fields)

LZ perfectDATA is a web-based application and compatible with any operating system. Langzauner’s software solution is retrofittable and transferable to all systems with Central Visual Management.

Short-stroke presses made to measure

Langzauner Perfect from Lambrechten (Upper Austria) uses its expertise in the construction of multiprocess composite presses to map your processes to measure. From the size of the pressing area, parallelism control and tool change (single or double shuttle table) to data processing – we supply turnkey production lines for large-scale production from a single source and according to your requirements.

Composite Presses


Wood Working


Metal Working


Your advantage – precision and efficiency:

  • Hydraulic press systems up to 50000 kN
  • Very low height
  • Energy saving drive concept
  • Considerably less oil volume
  • Very good accessibility
  • Servo hydraulics, high precision and energy efficiency
  • Active parallel control
  • Automatic mold tool changing system
  • Storage and retrieval machines
  • Warehousing
  • Handling
  • Robot and gripper Technology for loading and unloading
  • Single and double shuttle table
  • Heating plates and cooling plates
  • Vacuum systems
  • Flexible Software with full traceability
  • Data backup
  • Turnkey production line for mass production