Langzauner has been developing and producing precision machines since 1924 and is already being run as a family business in the 4th generation. Precisely because we are a family-run company, the compatibility of family and career is an important concern for us and we promote a family-friendly environment.

Economic stability over generations and traditional values, such as a sense of responsibility towards our employees and reliability towards our customers, are our top priorities.

Familie Witzmann


The founding of the Langzauner company by Johann Langzauner in 1924

In 1924, Johann Langzauner began his entrepreneurial journey as a small master locksmith, building small agricultural machines and running a repair workshop. He worked in rented premises until 1938, but the big breakthrough did not come until 1946, shortly after the end of world war II. In the meantime, 6 employees had been hired and were working on the construction of belt grinding machines. This marked the beginning of in-house developments and the establishment of mechanical engineering in Lambrechten.

The post-war years were characterized by a steady expansion of the workshops and infrastructure. Johann Langzauner’s decisions laid the foundations for the company’s success story.

  • Johann Langzauner

  • Company building 1945

  • Assembly hall 1960



The handover of the company to Eduard and Berta Langzauner in 1968

Eduard and Berta Langzauner took over responsibility for the company and its 25 employees at a time when the company had already established itself as a major player in the manufacturing of agricultural machinery and woodworking machines. The generational change was a step towards continuity of the values and principles that had characterized the company since its foundation in 1924.

The years 1970 and 1973 finally brought a satisfactory solution with the construction of the production hall, which significantly increased production capacity. In order to meet the continuing demand for woodworking machines, technical, administrative and showroom facilities were built in 1976, giving the factory the necessary expansion.

Since 1977, the production of ski presses has also been part of Langzauner’s portfolio. This step diversified the product range and consolidated the company’s position as a broad-based supplier in the mechanical engineering industry.

  • Berta Langzauner

    Berta Langzauner 1999
  • Eduard Langzauner

  • Company building 1970

    Firma ca. 1970


The takeover of management at Langzauner in 1999

In 1999, the company could look back on a success story with 66 employees. In addition, Erwin Witzmann and Gerald Schuster took over the management of the company. This business takeover also created a framework for strategic decisions and long-term investments. The delivery and assembly of the first systems for well-known suppliers to the aviation industry also marked the company’s entry into special machine construction.

In 2008-2009, , a further significant conversion and new building was therefore carried out for various areas such as press production, design department, warehouse, order picking, electrical engineering, software development and process control. This resulted in a total production area of 6200 m² and an office area of 600 m².

  • Erwin Witzmann

  • Company building 2008



Langzauner’s management team in 2011

And as early as 2011, when Langzauner now had 80 employees, the management team changed once more. Mr. Schuster left Langzauner and Thomas Witzmann took over these shares. This step was not only based on family structures at management level, but also brought fresh impetus and ideas. Thomas has been with the company for several years already and therefore, was very familiar with Langzauner’s values and vision.

  • Thomas Witzmann



Langzauner at international composites trade fair

Erwin and Thomas Witzmann reached a significant milestone in 2011 when they took part in an international trade fair in the composites sector for the first time. This participation underlined the company’s constant innovative strength and ability to adapt to the changing requirements of the global industry. Langzauner has since transformed itself from a manufacturer of woodworking machinery to a leading expert in the development and production of hydraulic presses for the automotive, aerospace and metal industries.

  • Trade fair appearance 2011



Langzauner produces first large press for RTM process for Benteler O. i. I.

In 2012, Langzauner marked a decisive milestone in its history with the successful development and production of the first large press for the Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) process. This breakthrough not only cemented the company’s position as a technology leader, but also underlined its ability to deliver customized solutions for demanding applications.

  • Large RTM- press



Langzauner opens its first company canteen in 2013

The opening of the company canteen is a tangible example of Langzauner’s corporate philosophy, which aims not only to be a technological leader, but also to create an inspiring working environment. This environment helps to promote the personal and professional growth of employees by creating space for quality training and development, recreation and the promotion of team spirit.

Creating a stimulating work environment, combined with quality training and development, is a crucial step in consolidating the company’s vision as a leading technology provider, while at the same time promoting its employees as its most valuable resource.

  • Factorycanteen



Langzauner adapts infrastructure to new requirements

In 2019, Langzauner once again manifested its commitment to innovation and growth by comprehensively adapting its existing infrastructure to meet the challenges of the future. These investments included the creation of new resources and facilities that not only expanded production capacity but also met the latest standards.

One of the outstanding innovations was the construction of an impressive assembly hall with a height of 21 meters. This spacious hall not only creates space for extended assembly, but also enables the integration of overhead cranes with an impressive 100-ton load capacity.

The creation of an electrical workshop marked another important step towards modernization. This targeted investment also ensured that we were able to meet the increasing demands on electrical systems and technologies.

  • Groundbreaking ceremony

  • Construction site 2019

  • Construction site 2019

  • Construction site 2019

  • Company building 2019

    Langzauner neu
  • Company building 2019

  • empfang
  • teekueche
  • buero
  • kantine02
  • kantine03
  • dachterasse

Another focal point was the introduction of a modern paint shop, which now not only ensures high-quality surface finishing but also meets environmental standards in terms of emissions and material consumption.

In parallel to the investments in production areas, also the infrastructure for employees has been expanded and optimized. Additional office space was created to meet the growing demands on administration and planning. The addition of a factory restaurant highlights Langzauner’s commitment to providing not only first-class machines, but also a pleasant working environment for employees.

Overall, these investments enabled a significant increase in capacity and created the basis for Langzauner’s growth. The adaptation to modern standards and the integration of advanced technologies underline the continuous pursuit of excellence in the mechanical engineering industry. In the meantime, Langzauner had expanded its portfolio as a provider of automation, special solutions and turnkey concept solutions.


2023 is characterized by superlatives

The year 2023 marks a significant milestone in Langzauner’s history, as the company has reached the largest press area in its history. In addition, the largest order in the company’s history was won – the delivery of a fully automated production line for the automotive industry. These successes underline Langzauner’s position as a leading company in the mechanical engineering sector.

Langzauner relies on internal research and development to promote innovation and know-how in-house. This approach enables the company to remain highly reactive to changing market conditions while maintaining the highest standards of technology and efficiency.

  • LZ-HP-SO_0153

With a very high degree of vertical integration in production, Langzauner positions itself as a flexible and independent partner. This independence from global challenges strengthens the company’s position as a reliable partner for customers worldwide.

With a proud 145 employees, Langzauner remains on course for success. These dedicated specialists form the foundation for innovation and growth.