Electric screw presses for the composites sector

Electric screw presses from Langzauner are developed and manufactured precisely to our customers’ requirements. Different sizes and expansion levels optimise individual production processes and enable use in diverse composite material applications. Our decades of experience flow into each customer project. Our tailor-made electric screw presses offer excellent control dynamics, performance and integrated material handling.

Advantages of the Langzauner servo screw presses

Our servo screw presses enable exact control without the use of operating utilities. The high repetition accuracy makes our servo screw presses the ideal solutions for the series production of composite components in specific areas.

Convincing advantages at a glance:

  • Exact control of the set position
  • Exact control of speed profiles across a wide range (e.g. 10 μm = 0.001 mm/s or more than 250 mm/s)
  • Positioning and pressing on the go
  • Regulation to force (with external measuring sensors)
  • Pressing on the go with force-regulated drive (with external measuring sensors)
  • Moving on a defined power increase (with external measuring sensors)
  • Active parallel run control
  • Uniform temperature control using heating plates and cooling plates up to 450 °C
  • Solutions for integrated material handling

Conceptualisation and implementation with Langzauner PERFECT

Electric screw presses from Langzauner are not standard items, but individually designed machines. Our in-house R&D department accompanies our customers in all planning and implementation steps for a screw press that suits the production process in question:

  • Innovative engineering
  • Feasibility studies and simulations
  • In-house manufacturing of all components
  • Integration of automation systems

We also handle transport logistics and customs processing as well as on-site commissioning with our dynamic team. – With Langzauner PERFECT, you can count on professionals in press technology and special machine construction.

Common applications for electric screw presses

When it comes to the reshaping of composites, powerful screw presses with excellent control dynamics have a fixed place in specific production processes. An example of where screw presses are used is prepreg compression molding. If very thick or complex layups and components (e.g., leaf springs) are to be manufactured then screw press technology offers significant advantages.

Composite Presses


Wood Working


Metal Working


Your product = our challenge:

  • Electric press systems up to 4.000 kN
  • Servo presses or servo-electric presses
  • Force-regulated
  • Very good control dynamcis possible
  • Positioning on distance, control on force. Pressing on distance with fully flexible force-controlled touching, driving and defined force increase
  • High temperature up to 450 °C
  • Flexible parameters, pressure, time, temperature, distance
  • Active parallelism control
  • Robot and gripper technology for loading and unloading
  • Single and double shuttle table
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Heating plates and cooling plates up to 450 °C
  • Infrared heating (IR), Infrared oven
  • Material handling
  • Vacuum systems
  • Flexible software with full trackability and traceability
  • Data backup