Langzauner, perfekt wie die Natur

That is what nature proves.

Perfection has proven itself.

Header Techniker Langzauner

This is proven by our technicians.

Perfection has proven itself.

Header Service-Team

Perfect by nature.

Whether gecko effect or sharkskin.

Serviceteam Langzauner Slider

Perfect by nature.

Whether service or reaction time.

Langzauner Pressen Composite

The perfect interaction.

We have a common goal in mind.

Automatisierung Langzauner Slider

The perfect interaction.

An absolute must for automation.

Langzauner is still here for you

Even in these special times we are available during our normal business hours.

We are available for you by telephone +43 7765-231 and by e-mail

Dispatch and acceptance of the goods is guaranteed and functions as before.

We wish our business partners all the best and remain

Yours sincerely,

Erwin and Thomas Witzmann

Welcome to Langzauner GmbH

Langzauner is the leading expert in the development and production of hydraulic presses, automation solutions, special solutions and tailor-made concept solutions in the automotive, aerospace and sports industries.

Langzauner – Perfect Moments

Turn on the music!

Langzauner – New Automation Line

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Hydraulic deep drawing press

Tool testing and production press

Hydraulic downstroke press for forming, embossing and punching
Montagehalle Neubau

Company expansion

We meet the challenges that growth, sucess and visions ...
Lehrlinge Langzauner 2020

Welcome to the team

This year four more apprentices were taken on in the areas of mechanical engineering ...
Firmengebäude Langzauner

Investing in the future

Langzauner invests even in the crisis to provide customers ...
Renn mit und hüf Charity-Lauf

Renn mit und hüf - Charity run

"Renn mit und hüf" Charity run with Langzauner ...
Weihnachtskarte Langzauner

Christmas donation for kindergarten Lambrechten

Langzauner wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and ...
Lehrlinge Langzauner 2019

Future at Langzauner

Our new specialists of tomorrow ...

Bau Lackieranlage

Further construction stage

Another construction stage is almost completed ...
Langzauner-Presse auf dem Weg nach Korea

Hello World, Hello Korea

Hello World, hello Korea! Langzauner establishes together
Kart trophy

Family party at Langzauner

The race - This was the family party 2019...

Bau der Montagehalle für Pressen

Demolition of the assambly hall

Langzauner's construction project has already begun ...
Spatenstich Neubau

Ground-breaking ceremony at Langzauner

Ground-breaking ceremony for ...

Langzauner Weihnachtskarte 2018

Think globally, act locally

Langzauner wishes you a Merry Christmas and a ...
Siegermannschaft Langzauner

Works outing from Langzauner

Works outing from Langzauner with alpine curling ...
Ausgezeichneter Erfolg von Lehrling

Excellent success for Langzauner apprentice

Excellent success for apprentice ...

Elektriker - Mechatroniker Ausbildung

Successful Long Night of Apprenticeship

This was the Long Night of Apprenticeship 2019 ...
Lange Nacht der Lehre

Night of Apprenticeship

Long night of apprenticeship ...

20jähriges Firmenjubileum

130 years at Langzauner

130 years at Langzauner ...

Flachau Langzauner-Belegschaft

Ski and Wellness Day from Langzauner

Ski and Spa Excursion from ...

Rennfahrer Sommerfest 2018

Summer Party at Langzauner

Langzauner in racing fever - Impressions from the summer party ...
Langzauner Skitag in Flachau

Langzauner Ski Day in Flachau

Langzauner Ski Day ...

Mädels-Ausflug nach Wien

Langzauner Girls Trip to Vienna

Cultural trip and musical visit in Vienna of our Langzauner girls ...
Langzauner goes Spartan

Langzauner goes SPARTAN

Endurance and team spirit has been proven ...
Langzauner Ski- und Wellnesstag

Langzauner – Ski and Wellness Day

On February 12, 2017, 40 employees of the company Langzauner ...
Kindersicherheits-Olympiade für Zivilschutz

Child Safety Olympiad for Civil Defense

The elementary school Lambrechten won ...

“The company Langzauner is a reliable partner that in addition to the knowledge of the press construction also possesses great competence in the pressure and vacuum technology. A company that covers all three areas is difficult to find.”

Jürgen Seidler Technical Manager XENTIS next generation wheels

“We have been relying on a variety of Langzauner machines for years and have never been disappointed. Our customers in the aerospace industry demand the highest possible quality that we can only do through the high quality and reliability of our production facilities”.

Erich PammingerSenior Manager Operations