“Gut Holz” –

… is an Austrian expression used to wish the players good luck in bowling!

The numerous participants at this year’s Langzauner company bowling event at Gasthaus Laufenböck in Riedau wished themselves the same luck. A total of 12 teams bowled like crazy. Several prize winners emerged at the end of the evening:

Julian Briglauer won the “Wandersau”, with the most “pigs” – all nine pins in one throw.

Dominik Danninger was the winner of the “Wanderkranzerl” – with the “Kranzerl” only the middle cone remains standing.

Hannes Knoglinger, Andreas Senzenberger, Chiara Eitzinger and Philip Badegruber won the tournament and therefore the popular challenge cup.

Josef “Kamschi” Kammerer narrowly won the guessing game, which was personally counted by organizer Norbert Laher! He estimated a large jar of noodles almost to the noodle, and so he won the amazing prize: a Lambrechten round trip with our Langzauner truck and amateur driver Philip Badegruber! Have fun on the tour!

Thanks especially to Norbert and Rene Laher, who provided us with a top organized evening! We are looking forward to next year and are already training hard until then!