Thermoforming of fibre-reinforced plastics: Presses for high-performance plastics

Langzauner Perfect develops and produces customised presses for the thermoforming of fibre-reinforced plastics in various sizes and extension stages. These presses are processing high-performance plastics for the production of lightweight components. All presses are precisely tailored to the customers’ requirements.

Ideas shaped by the expertise of Langzauner Perfect

With thermoforming presses, fibre-reinforced plastics can be formed in a defined temperature range and maintain the desired shape after cooling. Langzauner Perfect utilises these specific properties for thermoforming presses, in order to manufacture three-dimensional moulded parts from high-performance plastics by applying heat and pressure (possibly assisted by compressed air or vacuum).

What has developed from the handicraft process of “deep-drawing” is a production process on an industrial scale today – and the trend is increasing. Langzauner presses convince by innovation, efficiency and reliability in a variety of different thermoforming processes. This technology from Upper Austria ensures the cost-effective, high-precision production of moulded parts of fibre-reinforced plastics.

Examples of thermoforming presses from LZ Perfect

  • NFPP (natural fibre with polypropylenes) in the one-shot procedure or as hybrid in combination with back-moulded reinforcing ribs
  • Bilaminates and trilaminates for processing components for automotive interiors in a continuous process with a heating step in a calibration press or a convection oven and subsequent shaping in the press mould.

At Langzauner, every thermoforming press is designed and implemented along the customer process.

Reinforced plastics: High-performance material for lightweight construction

Various sectors rely on lightweight design components to reduce fuel consumption and weight. For the aerospace, automotive, caravan and rail industries, lightweight is an integral part in series production. These are the sectors for which Langzauner Perfect from Lambrechten (Upper Austria) designs its custom-made composite presses:

High-performance plastics – composite

PEEKHigh temperature-resistant polyether ether ketone
PAEKHigh-strength polyaryl ether ketones
PFAMeltable and extrudable perfluoroalkoxy
Every composite press from Langzauner Perfect is made to measure and designed in close consultation with our customers. The perfect implementation of individual processes in the production of lightweight construction components is our speciality.

Short cycle times are fundamental

The processing of composite materials (carbon fibre, glass fibre, natural fibre, thermoplastic) requires short cycle times to bring the preheated material into the press to be shaped. Automated solutions from Langzauner ensure that you won’t lose any valuable time.

Step 1: Consolidation

In the first step, the organo sheet is consolidated. Skilled tempering is performed in the press via heating plates and a high-precision cooling cycle. Langzauner Perfect offers electrical heating plates as well as water cooling or the use of thermal oil. The end of the process provides the semi-finished product in the form of an organo sheet.

Step 2: Forming

In the forming process, a transfer unit (linear axis transfer or robot) quickly transfers the organo sheet from the infrared preheating station to the press. Forming in Langzauner presses is performed in less than 5 seconds (incl. the build-up of pressure). Thanks to the unique servo-hydraulic drive, the press itself works with maximum precision and extremely energy-efficiently. To ensure perfect parallelism, the cylinders are controlled individually.
Langzauner Thermoformen composites

Advantages of our composite presses

  • Hydraulic press systems up to 100,000 KN
  • Servohydraulics for high accuracy and energy efficiency
  • Infrared heating (IR), infrared oven
  • Automatic transport shuttle systems
  • Robot and gripper equipment for loading and unloading
  • Single or double shuttle table
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Heating plates and cooling plates up to 450 °C
  • Material handling
  • Vacuum systems
  • Software with full traceability
  • Data backup

Turnkey presses for composite materials

As a specialist for composite presses and production processes, Langzauner Perfect from Lambrechten (Upper Austria) works as a turnkey provider:

  • Joint definition with the customer: Feasibility study and concept development
  • Engineering: Construction & detail design
  • Turnkey handover: Logistics, assembly and start-up
  • Service: Maintenance & inspection of the composite press

Customers from the field of aerospace technology and the automotive, caravan and rail industry value the continual support provided by Langzauner Perfect.

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