Hybrid technology

Flexibility through combination – forming and back injection in one step

Hybrid structures combine the advantages of different materials, save weight and enable the shortest cycle times. Organosheets as well as tapes are processed fully automatically in our systems. A transfer and handling system enables a fully automated, interlinked process, which starts with the provision of the semi-finished product and then carries out the following steps: Alignment, feeding, heating in the infrared oven, transfer to the mould, moulding, back injection of rib structures, inserts and reinforcements, demoulding as well as removal and discharge.

A mould changing system complements the plant automation and also contributes significantly to increasing efficiency.

The central control of the system, as well as the holistic process data acquisition, fulfils all aspects of digitalisation in terms of quality assurance, production monitoring, maintenance, Industry 4.0 and IoT.

Schiebetisch Werkzeugwechsel

Composite Presses


Wood Working


Metal Working


The main advantages are obvious:

  • Significant weight saving
  • Integration of functions into the product
  • Short cycle times
  • Tool change times of less than 10 minutes
  • Perfectly matched system technology from a single source