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Production lines from Langzauner: Complete solutions for processing composites

Production lines for composite presses, including upstream and downstream automation processes, are one of Langzauner’s specialties. As press experts, we are constantly developing our know-how in the areas of design, feasibility studies, and automation, and offer high-performance production lines for the international composite sector.

Production lines tailored to your processes

As press experts, we design high-tech production lines adapted to your production processes. We focus on the one-stop shop principle in order to combine press technology and automation into an efficient, cost-effective overall solution.


Strong R&D services from Langzauner

Our in-house R&D department is your strong partner in concept development and for feasibility studies. Close cooperation between our team and your project team creates the perfect conditions for customized high-tech plants.

Clear objective for production lines from Langzauner:
• More efficient processes
• Maximum cost efficiency
• Increased quality in production

We achieve these features by applying cutting-edge technology and maximum know-how throughout the entire design and engineering process. Langzauner has in-house experts for all relevant areas of plant engineering:

• Mechanical design
• Electrical design & control cabinet construction
• Hydraulics
• Software & visualization
• Robotics & automation

Automation solutions from Langzauner

Well thought-out automation solutions are essential for the optimized handling of components and tools on production lines. Which is why, here at Langzauner, we analyze the entire value stream process and optimize every single process area.

• We combine automation solutions and
higher-level controls
into tailor-made solutions for a perfectly coordinated material flow that improves cost efficiency and boosts the output of the production line. To achieve this, Langzauner has its own automation division, which carries out the PLC programming for all popular controllers such as Siemens, Beckhoff, B&R or Rockwell.

Elements that we integrate into automated processes:

SRM (Storage and Retrieval Machines)
High-bay warehouse systems
Mold tool shuttle systems and intelligent preheating stations
Sliding table / mold tool change
Material transfer
Opening stations
• Workbenches
• Tool storage systems
Cleaning stations
• Airlocks
• Efficient material buffer stores
Robotics for the automation of component handling
• MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
• Warehouse distribution systems
• Process optimization

Digitalization for production lines

Apart from the control technology, focus is increasingly shifting to the use of real-time data in production. With perfectDATA from Langzauner, we provide a powerful IoT solution:

• Collection of real-time data
• Scalable data monitoring
• Visualizations
• Predictive analytics
• Data-driven plant optimization

perfectDATA enables open-system machine integration and a high degree of scalability. More and more customers are opting for our IoT solution for digitalization on their shop floor.

In-house special machine engineering at Langzauner

In Lambrechten, we opt for a vertical integration of production with a depth of over 90% and our own cylinder production out of a sense of conviction. Each production line and special machine from Langzauner is built in our in-house production facility.

Close cooperation between engineering, automation, and our production department ensures innovation and precision in design, control technology, and execution.

Logistics & commissioning for new production lines

As a turnkey provider, Langzauner ensures smooth-running logistics in order to deliver new production systems to the desired location. Customs clearance and transport are processed for you on time and in a coordinated way.
On-site commissioning is a key moment in special machine engineering. Langzauner ensures problem-free commissioning by our teams on customers’ premises. Your contact partners throughout the entire project are also on site for commissioning of the plant: Technicians, engineers, and automation specialists ensure a successful transition to permanent operation:

• Achieving maximum performance and availability of the production line
• Employee training for expert plant operation
• Final commissioning

Service by Langzauner

For Langzauner, the commissioning of new production lines marks the beginning of long-term customer relations. Our sophisticated service offers ensure smooth plant operations at all times.

• Custom-tailored maintenance contracts
• Remote maintenance
• On-site repairs
• Spare parts provision
• Relocations

The support provided by a service team that knows the production line in question right down to the smallest detail takes the strain off our customers and ensures maximum satisfaction in the area of service and maintenance.

Scalable solutions for safe investments

In the areas of press technology and automation, production lines from Langzauner offer state-of-the-art technology through maximum scalability. Adaptability to dynamic production processes is the criterion on which our customers base their decision to buy. We take this into consideration when designing systems, in order to build special machines that are as future-proof as possible.

“Additions to existing presses are becoming increasingly important in the composite sector. With its add-on units, Langzauner provides flexible extensions for activities such as the back injection molding of FRP semi-finished products. We are right up to date in terms of technology and offer strongly scalable, adaptable production lines,” explains Alexander Wiesner, Head of Global Sales & Marketing at Langzauner.

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