Glass fiber chassis springs: Rheinmetall produces innovative product with LZ screw press

The international technology company Rheinmetall has opted for a screw press from Langzauner PERFECT for the production of innovative glass fiber chassis springs.

This project once again underscores Langzauner’s know-how in the construction of special machines as a driver of resource and energy efficiency in the lightweight sector.

Rheinmetall produces unique chassis springs from glass fibers

The innovative glass fiber spring from Rheinmetall is finding initial applications (trialling, prototypes) at notable OEM providers in the automotive and non-automotive sectors.

Advantages of the glass fiber springs:

  • up to 75% lightweight advantage over conventional steel springs*
  • free shaping / progressive spring design, roll/pitch stability
  • no corrosion
  • high internal cushioning of the material

 * Uncushioned mass

More about the product from Rheinmetall:

Langzauner screw press for glass fiber chassis springs

Rheinmetall produces glass fiber chassis springs in a Langzauner high-precision screw press, which can hold the mold tools and has been adapted to the individual requirements of the production process.

An overview of the performance data:

  • High-precision screw press
  • Maximum pressing force of 500 kN
  • Speed down to a minimum of 10 μm/s (0.01 mm/s)
  • Pressure control accuracy of 0.002% of the maximum force (1 kN)
  • Temperature control via thermal oil heating plates up to 250 °C
Langzauner SP-50-SO

“We are pleased to be able to make a contribution to innovative lightweight components with this high-precision screw press. Our presses are a part of socially relevant future technologies. In addition to the customer satisfaction, this gamechanger role is a big motivation for us,” emphasizes Alexander Wiesner, Head of Global Sales & Marketing at Langzauner.

How the screw presses from Langzauner work:

  • The press ram is moved by two ball screws operated by an electric motor and lowered until the set force/dimension is reached.
  • Adjustable guides are mounted on the screw press to hold the press ram in position. The position of the press ram is recorded by three electronic travel measurement systems that also monitor the parallelism.
  • Temperature control: The temperature of the heating plates is managed by a temperature-control device which uses heat transfer oil as a circulating medium. (Operator provides water for cooling.)
  • Feeding: Feeding and removal can be done manually. After inserting the component, the pressing program is selected. The screw press works through the program parameters automatically.
  • Safety: A light barrier protects the entrance to the press area in manual mode, but also enables complete incorporation into an automated production cell (e.g., robot handling).
  • Press status: A signal lamp shows the status of the press.
You too can use presses and lightweight technologies from Langzauner for your product development and series manufacturing.