Edge Sanding Machine LZK-3-NCV

Motor power sanding belt: 2.2 KW
Belt speed: approx. 22 m/s
Operating voltage: 3 x 400 V + N + PE / 50 Hz
Belt length: 2.600 mm
Belt width: 150 mm
Table size: 1.450 x 350 mm
Height adjustement range of the sanding belt: 200 mm
Sanding beam continuously variable tiltable 90° – 45°
Feeding speed continuously variable adjustable from 4 – 17 m/min, forward or backward motion
Suction vacuum: 850 Pa
Volume flow: 956 m³/h
Air velocity: > 20 m/s
Extraction connection diameter: 140 mm
Dust emission value: < 2 mg/m³ Min. required space (L x W): approx. 1850 x 900 mm Max. required space (L x W): approx. 1850 x 1400 mm Weight: approx. 630 kg.

Standard equipped with:

  • Patented sanding beam incl. patented ceramic belt as sliding belt
  • Integrated feed belt 200 mm and pressure beam
  • Electromotive oscillation of the sanding belt on recirculating ball bearings
  • Sanding beam adjustable by electric motor (always same working height)
  • Veneer edge sanding equipment, hinged
  • Integrated ceramic sanding shoe
  • Pneumatic belt relaxation
  • Automatic zero point adjustment of the sanding beam
  • Stable, removable mitre stop with sliding fence
  • Pivotable control console
  • Easy and fast change of the contact rollers Ø 65 and Ø 90 mm
  • Extension of the right stop fence for a total length of 580 mm to work easy with long workpieces
  • Extendable roller track (up to 330 mm) for wider workpieces; without floor support


  • Contact roller Ø 65 mm or 90 mm (retrofittable) for sanding inner radii
  • Removable stopper extension
  • Electronic speed control
  • Belt cleaning equipment
  • Paint sanding shoe
  • Chromed stop fence (left)
  • Moving device
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Folding-up fence

In seconds – “nearly automatically” – change over! By turning-up the veneer edge sanding device the sanding shoe is lowered automatically in the sanding beam. From the veneer edge sanding machine to a solid edge sanding machine.

Control console

Swivelling, central operating panel with all operator elements directly in the handling area.

Contact rollers

Additional rubber coated rollers Ø 65 mm and Ø 90 mm. Very easy and quick set up WITHOUT TOOLS.

Conveyor belt

The integrated conveyor belt has a fast, comfortable holding down equipment form 0 to 110 mm and can also work efficiently on series or single piece. Whatever whether 90° or 45°.

Extendable workpiece support

with roller conveyor without any floor support. Extension of the veneer sanding equipment for a simple treatment of longer workieces.

Paint sanding package

Electronic speed regulator (from 4 – 22 m/sec.); belt cleaning equipment (pneumatic belt cleaning); paint sanding shoe complete (rubber-coated sanding shoe adjust on the contour); stop fence left chromed.

Removable stop extension