• durchlauffraes-profil-schleifmaschine-lzk-sd

Through-feed Milling and Sanding Machine LZK-SD

Autofeed motor
1.7 kW
Autofeed speed
5.5 – 19 m / min.
Min. workpiece length
160 mm
Min. workpiece width
40 mm + radius
Min. workpiece height
material dependent
Max. workpiece height
100 mm
Pre-milling unit motor
2.2 kW
Pre-milling revolution
7.000 rpm
Sanding unit motor
2.2 kW
Height adjustment motor – sanding unit
0.25 kW
Oscillation motor – sanding unit
0.12 kW
Length of belt – sanding unit
1650 mm
Width of belt – sanding unit
150 mm
Speed of belt
22 rpm
Milling unit motor
0.85 kW
Milling revolution
2000 rpm
Profile sanding motor
2 x 0,55 kW
Length of belt – profile sanding unit
2100 mm
Required air pressure (connection via quick coupling)
6 bar
Required space approx.
depend on the amount of units
Exhaust vacuum
550 Pa
Speed of stream
20 m / sec.
Extraction connection
depend on the amount of units
Dust emission
< 2 mg / m3

Sound level in dB(A)

Idle running
LWA = 90
Operating running
LWA = 92

Sound pressure level in dB(A) at the workplace

Idle running
LWA = 82
Operating running
LWA = 84
All datas are approx. values. Modifications and all rights and/or typesetting mistakes and misprints reserved.

The modular milling and sanding system was developed to profile and sand solid wood edges in one operation.

  • Flexible modular system for edge processing
  • Possibility of groove milling in throughfeed
  • Versatile machining options in one pass
  • Required running smoothness due to heavy and massive design of the basic machine
  • Simple and clear operation and adjustment

The machine can be assembled according to customer requirements and equipped with any number of units.

to choose from:

  • Edge sanding unit
  • Profile sanding unit
  • Profile milling unit
  • Grooving unit
  • Brushing unit

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More Information

Automatic adjustment of material thicknessMaterialstärkeeinstellsystem Schleifmaschine

The material thickness is detected by a sensor and the pressure beam with the upper units is automatically adjusted to the correct dimension.

Workpiece return conveyor, incl. conveyor belt with roller tableWerkstückrückführung Durchlaufmaschine

Ideally suited for customers with a large variety of parts.
This saves personnel and reduces the risk of damage to the workpieces.

The cost-effective solution for panel transport around the profile sanding machine. It offers the possibility to
take over parts from the profile sanding
machine and transport them back to the loading point.

Groove milling unitNutfräsaggregat
  • Electropneumatic engage control, not touching
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustment of the unit via the hand wheel and scale display
    Example: Step riser groove width = 21 mm, depth = 12 mm
  • Motor power: 5.5 kW
  • Motor speed: 10000 rpm,
    against speed, optional synchronous running
  • Max. tool diameter: Ø 125 mm
Sanding disc unitSchleifscheibenaggregat

For universal use, pivoting device ± 45°, electropneumatic engage control, horizontal and vertical adjustment of the unit via the hand wheel and scale display and continuously variable speed control from  500 – 1500 rpm

Pre milling unitElektropneumatische Einrücksteuerung

For edge grooving, rabbeting or flush milling

  • Electropneumatic engage control, non-touching; for edge grooving
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustment of the unit via hand wheel and scale display
  • Motor power: 2.2 kW
  • Motor speed: 7000 rpm
Profile milling unitProfilfräseinheit

On top or bottom, with copy unit,
for chamfer or radius cutter, with quick changing system.

Pre-sanding unitSchleifaggregat

For material with saw rough cut. Steel roller for high volume sanding.

Profile sanding unitProfilschleifeinheit

On top or bottom for sanding chamfer or radius, with quick change system for sanding shoe, exchangeable sanding shoes, optionally from R3 to R12 available, with extra long sanding belt (2,100 x 25 mm), hard chrome plated air cushion sanding shoes or special sanding shoes on request, electropneumatic engage control, not oscillating.

The modular profile sanding machine was further developed by LANGZAUNER to a high technical standard for the craft and interior finishing industry as well as for production lines and is used in the veneer and solid wood sector. Sensibly arranged units enable cost-effective and efficient edge and profile processing.

  • profilfraesmaschine-buerstenaggregat
Edge sanding unit for painted partsSpezial-Lackschleifschuh
  • Electromotive oscillation
  • Electromotive height adjustment of the unit for optimal use of the sanding belt over the complete width
  • Electropneumatic engage control
  • Motor power sanding belt: 2.2 kW
  • Motor power height adjustment: 0.25 kW
  • Motor power oscillation: 0.12 kW
  • Oscillation path: approx. 25 mm
  • Belt dimensions: 1650 x 150 mm
  • Belt speed with continuously variable speed control: 5 – 22 m/s
  • incl. specially developed paint sanding shoe
Paint sanding shoe for edge sanding unit – painted partsLackschleifschuh Profiliermaschine

Segmented special sanding shoe for intermediate fillers sanding and paint sanding.
Segment width: 20 mm
The required pressure segments in the sanding shoe are controlled by the automatic material thickness measurement.
The contact pressure can be quickly adjusted by a potentiometer.
The segment shoe including the position of the workpiece is shown graphically in the display.

Edge sanding unitKeramikschleifschuh
  • With ceramic sanding shoe
  • Electromotive oscillation; movement: approx. 25 mm
  • Electropneumatic engage control
  • Electromotive height adjustment of the unit for optimal use of the sanding belt over the complete width
  • Motor power sanding belt: 2.2 kW
  • Motor power height adjustment: 0.25 kW
  • Motor power oscillation: 0.12 kW
  • Belt dimensions: 1650 x 150 mm
  • Belt speed: 22 m/s