Multiprocess-capable short stroke presses: an innovation by Langzauner Perfect

Reaching the limits of the physically possible and venturing into the unknown – this was the challenge faced by the Langzauner team when developing a 2600 t short stroke press for the Technology Center Thermoplastic Composites (TTC) of the Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe (IVW). A new era has been initiated in the sector of multiprocess-capable forming presses because of the result of our need to develop components on a 1:1 scale.

Short-stroke presses from Langzauner

Ulf Breuer (left), Scientific Director of the IVW and Clemens Hoch (right), the Science Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate standing in front of the new short stroke press.

Future-orientated technology from Upper Austria

Gaining increasing importance as a future technology are ultra-lightweight, multifunctional structures, the production of which will help counteract climate change and promote hydrogen-related uses in the aerospace sector. At Langzauner Perfect, we are thus all the more proud of our achievement in terms of our multiprocess-capable short stroke press concept designed for research applications in Kaiserslautern. – This innovative technology is now for us a unique selling point for our customers in the aerospace, automotive and sports industries.

“Our team absolutely went to the limits of the possible in their striving to comply with the necessary specifications. We are now especially delighted that the result of all this effort and investment is a technological advance for the research sector that we can now also offer to our customers in the commercial world.” – Alexander Wiesner, Marketing Manager at Langzauner.
Kurzhubpresen - Short-sroke-press und Injektion

Highly reactive parallelism control and short control loops

Langzauner’s new short stroke press is particularly reactive and achieves results in parallelism control that, in terms of accuracy and frequency, are unique in the marketplace.

  • The highly reactive parallelism control means that it is possible to have direct influence on material properties
  • The uniquely short control loop allows for extraordinary reaction times during the pressing process
  • Thanks to operating rates of 800 mm/s, cycle times are reduced to a minimum and process speeds are maximised
  • Full press force reached in less than 1s
  • Parallelism accuracy of 0.007 mm (7 µm)

In order to provide for the necessary control loops at this extraordinary processing speed, we used a CPU supplied by a leading manufacturer. The outstanding process parameters can only be achieved with the help of this CPU.

Innovative infrared oven reduces energy consumption

The infrared oven mounted directly behind the press with a heating element surface area of 2 x (3250 x 2250 mm) can be used to heat flat, semi-formed thermoplastic elements sized up to 3000 x 2000 mm. In combination with a rapidly reacting linear unit, quick and reliable transport of semi-finished fibre composite articles into the press is ensured. The press has a generously sized clamping area of 2000 x 3000 mm.

With the help of the press control system, it is possible to individually activate up to 30 zones of the infrared heating panel. Only those zones actually in contact with the material to be processed need thus be heated:

  • This results in a significant reduction of energy consumption
  • Zone control from 0 to 100% per heat field: direct attunement to material thickness is also possible.

Through this development, our innovative capabilities have resulted in the reduction of emissions from composites processing. The lower energy consumption means that our customers will benefit not only immediately in monetary terms in the form of decreased production costs but also over the long term by achieving ambitious low emission targets.

Infrarotofen Kurzhubpresse Langzauner

Process data processing with LZ perfectDATA

The high frequency control loop requires a suitable system that enables process data to be appropriately processed. LZ perfectDATA has been developed for this purpose:

  • Data registration in real-time in less than 4 ms.
  • Processing of 500,000 datapoints and more
  • Data-driven process optimisation (target-actual comparison and logistics)
  • Smart energy management (control and monitoring of infrared heat fields)
  • Active status monitoring

LZ perfectDATA is web-based and compatible with all operating systems and can be extended to multiple devices along the whole process chain.

Maximum flexibility: a multiprocess-capable solution

The range of materials that can be processed in Langzauner’s short stroke press is impressive.
“It is possible with our innovative short stroke press to undertake a large number of different processes. This flexibility provides positive benefits for our clients when it comes to prototyping and serial production. The design of the short stroke press means that maximum power can be achieved in a very limited space,” states Marketing Director Alexander Wiesner, who is impressed by the new technology.

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