Langzauner honoured his jubilarians

angzauner honoured its long-standing employees for their 20 to 40 years of service to the company. The four employees have a company affiliation of 130 years together at Langzauner.

Reinhard Berger was honored for 20 years:

He completed an apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer at Langzauner. Since his apprenticeship, he has specialised in the assembly of veneer saws. In addition, he successfully completed his master’s examination in mechanical engineering.

Then, he worked in the warehouse until he changed to the work preparation and purchasing department in 2011. Since then he organizes and coordinates the worldwide support for our customers. As an apprentice representative, he divides the apprentices into the stations through which all apprentices pass and presents Langzauner with commitment at the various apprentice fairs.

Gerald Etl-Oberauer was honoured for 30 years:

Gerald also started as a mechanical engineering apprentice at Langzauner, where he mounted special presses, panel dividing saws, but also tennis racket presses with conscientiousness until 2013.
However, he found his vocation in machining, where he carries out universal metal removal operations.

Josef Kammerer was honoured for 40 years:

fter finishing his apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer at Langzauner, Josef built ski presses, hydraulic presses, but also hydraulic aggregates.
He was also always on the spot where there was need and even manufactured parts on the lathe when it was urgent. So it is not surprising that he has been an assembly manager in special machine construction since 2009 and still looks after the systems and machines with a lot of heart and mind.

Erwin Witzmann was honoured for 40 years:

Erwin started 40 years ago as an electrician at Langzauner. He also successfully completed his training as a foreman and soon became deputy plant manager. Since he knew the machines from the bottom up, this also benefited him in sales. Through his honest manner and his conviction of the quality of the products, Erwin became a top seller.

In service, it has always been a matter of concern to him to look after and support customers in the best possible way. This has not changed since he has been representing Langzauner as Managing Director since 1999.

All of them are reliable, conscientious and loyal employees.
We would like to thank them for their perseverance, commitment and collegiality.