The InnoRenew CoE research institute in Slovenia relies on technology by Langzauner

The eminent InnoRenew CoE institute in Slovenia (mentored by Fraunhofer WKI) conducts research into renewable, sustainable materials that can be used for construction with the aim of fostering an uncontaminated and healthy environment. In its laboratory, InnoRenew CoE uses a hydraulic press supplied by Langzauner Perfect of Upper Austria.

Langzauner InnoRenew

Modification of the material wood with an eye to the future

An interdisciplinary research team at InnoRenew CoE is assigned this task. A large number of research projects are being undertaken with the aim of modifying the renewable raw material wood and improving its characteristics with regard to

  • Range of potential uses
  • Durability
  • Product life cycle

 Various innovations are developed by the team in nine research labs. As a specialist when it comes to the construction of presses and equipment for the processing of wood, Langzauner Perfect, based in Lambrechten in Upper Austria, was commissioned to develop a new hydraulic press.

“Our expertise in the fields of wood processing and composite materials is becoming an asset that is future-orientated. We are proud that we are able to make a contribution to the green technologies of the future“ – Alexander Wiesner (Head of Sales at Langzauner)

Press for production of wood panels and the thermo-hydro-mechanical treatment of products

For InnoRenew, Langzauner Perfect has designed a hydraulic press that will be used in the lab to make panels and for the thermo-hydro-mechanical processing of products:

  • Pressing area 1500 x 900 mm
  • Opening 400 mm
  • 2700 kN maximum pressing force
  • Press platens can be heated to 250°C
  • 144 kW heat output
  • Rate of heating 1 – 15°C/min
  • Cooling capacity 1 – 10°C/min (condensation cooling tank)
Langzauner InnoRenew

InnoRenew CoE contacted Langzauner Perfect with its requirements and was able to entrust us in full with the development of the new system thanks to our know how in the fields of wood processing and temperature control.

Innovative form of wood densification with the help of the Langzauner press

Using the hydraulic press supplied by Langzauner Perfect to InnoRenew CoE, it is possible to use an innovative technique for the densification of the renewable raw material wood.

  • Low value, lightweight wood, such as poplar, can be upgraded
  • The press can increase the density of wood to 1200 kg/m³ – 1500 kg/m³
  • The denser wood can be used in more demanding applications

The hydraulic press is not only suitable for use in laboratory environments but can also be employed in industrial production.

Langzauner press with MetaDense technology

The Langzauner hydraulic press in use at InnoRenew CoE can be employed for the patented MetaDense densification technique (European patent EP19204677.9) that, together with MetaDynea, was developed in Austria.

Langzauner InnoRenew

By increasing the number of applications in which a type of wood can be used, InnoRenew CoE is helping promote the greater use of renewable materials in the construction sector while making otherwise less exploited wood species into new sources of raw materials.

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