Langzauner in the Composites World

The global market relevance of composites and their processing is increasing.
Automated processes are also of great economic importance.
Langzauner sets new standards in the composite industry and automation.

“Thermoplastic and thermoset compression
molding technology

Langzauner (Lambrechten, Austria) is exhibiting its perfect line of
hydraulic press technology for thermoplastic and thermoset material
processing, as well its automation of material and mold handling.

Langzauner’s presses are designed for use with

  • sheet molding compound (SMC),
  • glass mat thermoplastic (GMT),
  • bulk molding compound (BMC),
  • resin transfer molding (RTM),
  • crush core and
  • thermoplastics like PPS, PEI, PEEK or similar.

Press features include

  • maintenance-free cylinder technology,
  • servo/hydraulics with pressure accuracy of ±1 %,
  • optimized pump technology,
  • active parallel control,
  • platen heating up to 500°C,
  • automation and robot integration,
  • flexible software,
  • data management and Industry 4.0 compatibility.”

Article in the Journal Composites World.