perfectLAB laboratory presses by Langzauner Perfect

Langzauner’s perfectLAB laboratory presses are setting new standards in the development of composite materials. Major fibre composite material manufacturers in industry, research institutes and universities have been relying on our expertise for decades. Our latest range of laboratory presses – perfectLab – was developed on the basis of our many years of working with customers to precisely comply with the requirements of research. Just like the precursor range, these systems have demonstrated their advantages time and again.

Laborpresse perfectLAB

perfectLAB – designed for laboratory use

The perfectLab range comprises hydraulic, upstroke presses with electrical heating systems. They combine maximum precision with minimum space requirements – exactly the characteristics required for use in prototyping and research assignments in the composite sector.

The perfectLab presses can be used for R&D trials and even the serial production of smaller components. By means of direct consultation with our team, the corresponding requirements are determined in detail so that the laboratory press can be individually designed to meet these.

Technical data of the perfectLAB laboratory presses

Langzauner Perfect offers laboratory presses in three sizes while there are many freely configurable features of each press, so that it can be adapted to the actual needs of individual customers:

  • Pressing area: 400 x 400 mm (optionally 500 x 500 mm)
  • Opening (stroke): 430 mm (or can be individually defined)
  • Pressing force: 20 – 1100 kN
  • Pressing rate: 1 mm/s – 0.1 mm/s (depending on design)
  • Electrically heated steel platens
  • Temperature: 250°C (optionally 450°C)
  • Rate of heating: approx 8°C/min at 250°C
  • Cooling system: Compressed air/water
  • Real time data evaluation: perfectDATA

With the help of our more than 40 engineering specialists we are able to develop innovative and customised solutions in close consultation with our customers. Our perfectLAB presses can thus also provide the basis for upgrading to meet even more specialised demands.

Hydraulics: maximum precision and energy efficiency

The hydraulic system of the perfectLAB range by Langzauner Perfect has a variable speed drive that provides for significant advantages when working with a laboratory press:

  • Extreme precision
  • Short runtimes ensure energy efficiency
  • Standard switch valves can be used
  • Longer oil maintenance intervals
  • Reliable pressure and positioning control
  • No need for adjustment or calibration of proportional valves
  • No oil cooling system required

Langzauner Perfect has extensive expertise when it comes to high performance hydraulics and our systems are continually in the process of improvement by our R&D department. The combination of precision, energy efficiency and the reliability of availability mean that this is a state-of-the-art technology.

Why not discover how a perfectLab laboratory press can improve your product development and research?