Design at Langzauner:

A short portrait of our department

Employing as it does 20 designers, our design department is the most rapidly expanding section at Langzauner.
This trend is evidence of our expertise when it comes to the construction of tailor-made machinery. Our design department is able to create customised systems to meet all customer requirements. Thanks to this in-house know-how, Langzauner is attracting a growing number of national and international customers.
Langzauner Kontrukteure

From feasibility analysis to machine commissioning

Our designers frequently provide support to customers’ projects from the initial feasibility analysis to commissioning of the new system on-site. This close collaboration with customers and our in-house installation team ensures the precision and process-optimisation of all tailor-made machinery.

While a project is in process of completion, we often visit our installation colleagues. We work together to find the perfect solution for each client. This direct form of interaction makes our work that much more interesting while guaranteeing that our tailor-made machines are of top quality,” explains designer Manuel Zweimüller.

Michael Schneglberger adds: “Manuel and I were involved in a particularly exciting project. We were there from project kick-off, through the whole process until final installation of the system at the client’s premises. What we developed was a press line with two presses with interface management and security engineering. The client was subsequently planning to have an identical system connected to the first at an 180° angle, resulting in a large-scale system. All platforms, security systems and so on had to be compatible with this later upgrade. And this is exactly where our skills score when it comes to making carefully designed, future-orientated made-to-order systems.”

Knowledge management for maximum know-how

At Langzauner, knowledge management ensures that our know-how constantly improves. Mechanisms and methods of institutionalised knowledge management are employed to particular effect in our design department.

“We are seeing speedy development of knowledge management in our department. We have set up and are extensively maintaining a specialised knowledge database. For example, standardised calculation templates are now used to improve the quality and rapidity of processes. We are a very young and dynamic team and thoroughly enjoy working together on new ideas and concepts,” – this is how Michael Schneglberger and Manuel Zweimüller see their activities in their department.

Langzauner Konstruktion-Besprechung


Design personnel at Langzauner

Most of our designers have joined Langzauner directly after graduating from higher technical institutes after studying various subjects. Our young team is characterised by its dynamism and remarkable team spirit.

Manuel Zweimüller, speaking about his routine work at Langzauner: “All of us get hands-on with everything. This means we work in a broad spectrum of areas – hydraulics, pneumatics, welding and automation. This year, we’ve all began to concentrate on our own specialisation so as to obtain more extensive specialised knowledge for the benefit of the department as a whole and thus provide support for the team during day-to-day work.“ Michael adds: “Our work on tailor-made machinery is particularly interesting. Creating complete systems together with the corresponding automation – that is what I really enjoy about my job.”

Brief Q&A session with our designers

What’s so attractive about working as a designer at Langzauner?

“You have the opportunity to work in a very diverse field and are faced with challenges in many areas. You acquire new knowledge while we have a very progressive attitude to work. And the working atmosphere in our department is particularly good. We are not individually placed under pressure; here the mentality is directed towards doing whatever is needed in common. Everyone can have their say and make a genuine contribution.” – Manuel Zweimüller

Langzauner has an international clientèle. Do you find this international orientation attractive and to what extent does it influence your routine activities?

“We have been able to quickly improve our English language skills while business trips are especially fascinating. Not only that, but you also familiarise yourself with the standards that apply in other countries,” explains Michael Schneglberger

What is the working climate like in your department and how well does the team work together?

“Even when situations are critical, we don’t find ourselves under pressure. We work as a team to find solutions to challenges. Not only that, but we also take fantastic trips together as a department. As far as I am concerned, this is exactly what I need,” is how Manuel Zweimüller describes the working climate.

Michael adds: “In the case of our company it is often the case that we get together even after work. We’re a very sociable group and often meet up with others in our production shops. It’s then that there is lively exchange of views between the various departments. We may be talking shop, but we never forget the human side. That is something that is unique at Langzauner.”

Does Langzauner provide benefits that you particularly appreciate?

Manuel Zweimüller: “There are many leisure activities organised by the company, such as trips, birthday parties and bowling evenings. The works canteen is a meeting point for everyone where freshly cooked dishes are available daily. And, if you like, you are allowed to work from home for a day now and then. There is even a bike leasing scheme and much more that shows that the company is really concerned with doing as much as it can for its employees.”

Langzauner is a family-run business. Is this a good thing from your point of view?

Michael Schneglberger: “We’re all on familiar terms with the boss and you have the feeling that you are not just a cog in the machine. There are currently some 140 of us employees – it’s true we’re growing but it is all still manageable and very personal.”

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