Summer, sun, party mood!

…This year, just in time for the beginning of summer, the Langzauner – summer party took place.

Like last year, the dress code was “Hawaiian shirt meets flower dress”. The colorful outfits wanted to be dusted off and worn again!

Despite moderately good weather, the majority of the staff and their partners gathered at the Lucky-Joe Bar in Lambrechten to celebrate the warmest time of the year. Appropriately, there was a barbecue buffet and summer drinks.

A small challenge was ready for all friends of the round leather – a giant soccer dart! Everyone could prove their accuracy and some unknown talents caused astonishment.

But DJ Mc milf mike really brought the Partystadel to the heat! As a former colleague he knew exactly about the musical taste. There was hardly a dance leg that was not used!

Last but not least, there was a home delivery service ready for everyone, which brought all party guests home safely.