Product innovation: Pultrusion lines from Langzauner

Machine manufacturer Langzauner is extending its product portfolio in the field of lightweight design for the automotive sector and aviation industry. With pultrusion lines from Langzauner, fully automated large-scale production of composite parts is raised to a new level.

Lightweight design on the rise

Aspiring emission goals in the automotive and aviation industry are increasingly making lightweight components a focal point of interest. Continuous weight reduction of vehicles is to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and optimise the cost of production.

Machine manufacturer Langzauner has spotted this trend early on and is considered a pioneer in the field of composite facilities for lightweight components.

Pultrusion for pultrusion profiles

Together with a customer from the automotive industry, the team from Langzauner has planned and implemented a highly specific pultrusion line for GRP profiles. The customer’s desired profile characteristics and processes have set the pace for this project. This approach is exactly in line with Langzauner’s philosophy: “We are utilising our expertise to design tailor-made plants, delivering PERFECT results in meeting specific requirements for the customer’s production process. This is put into practice by our skilled in-house R&D experts with their target-oriented mindset.” – Martin Schachl, LZ Sales.

Pultrusion lines from Langzauner Perfect

We are focussing on customised plants, tailored to the individual process. Customers from the automotive and aviation industry benefit from major advantages in the production process:

  • Pre-impregnated continuous filaments or integrated injection/impregnation
  • Infinitely variable temperature and feed control
  • Saw with zero cycle time impact
  • Packaging material change with zero cycle time impact
  • Continuous profile feed for consistent quality
  • Control and visualisation of the process chain
  • Acquisition and monitoring of process data
  • Component traceability

Learn more here about Langzauner pultrusion lines for fully automated large-scale production of composite parts.

Process and service life optimisation: LZ perfectDATA makes it possible

With the use of LZ perfectDATA, Langzauner offers pultrusion lines for smart shopfloor management. The web-based system is compatible with every operating system and can be expanded to several lines along the process chain.

Pultrusion 4.0 with LZ PerfectDATA:

  • Real-time data recording in less than 4 milliseconds
  • Data-driven process optimisation (target-actual comparison & logics)
  • Smart energy management
  • Status monitoring & predictive maintenance

“With real-time data recording in less than 4 milliseconds, we are achieving a top result. Consistency of the process data and compatibility of the system were our top priorities in the design process of LZ PerfectDATA,” Thomas Hainzl, development manager, emphasises.

Continuous process optimisation, maximum lifetime and sustainable optimisation of energy consumption are becoming increasingly important to preserve and improve the competitive position.