Special solutions – the core competence of Langzauner

In recent years, Langzauner PERFECT has developed from a provider of classic hydraulic presses into an expert in the construction of special machines. The team at Langzauner specializes in the development of presses that are new to the market while creating special solutions for specific production processes at the customer.

Special machines: Press for diverse materials

A strong-growth design department with a dynamic team and in-house assembly creates tailor-made special machines that are 100% adapted to our customers’ manufacturing processes. The range of materials used is growing ever larger:

  • High-performance presses for the refractory industry
  • Presses for Thermoplast and Duroplast
  • Presses for fiber-reinforced polymers (composites)
  • Laboratory presses for research and development
  • Hydraulic presses for the timber industry
  • Hydraulic deep-drawing presses for metal processing
  • Pultrusion systems in lightweight engineering
“We aren’t limited to specific materials, but develop high-performance presses and upstream and downstream process solutions with our customers
that fully meet their requirements in the manufacturing process. GFRP, classic Duroplast, stone, metal or wood – the material defines the requirements for the system, but does not define what Langzauner is capable of,” is how the Head of Global Sales & Marketing of Langzauner, Alexander Wiesner, explains his team’s flexibility.

Refratechnik Cement GmbH: Hydraulic press for the world market leader

One of Langzauner’s current projects underpins the dynamics in special machine construction. The Refratechnik Group is a global manufacturer of high-quality refractory materials used in industrial high-temperature processes. Refratechnik Cement GmbH has commissioned Langzauner with the construction of a 2,500 ton press for the production of refractory products for the cement industry.

An overview of the performance data:

  • 2,500 ton press with the dimensions of a 1,600 ton press
  • Faster cycle times
  • Higher maximum pressure: Enabling the production of a wider range of products.
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Adapted visualization and user interface
  • Partially automated solution for mass in-feed

By working together, it was possible to design an innovative hydraulic press for the manufacture of refractory products. From creating the specifications to carrying out feasibility studies to delivering the final engineering – a close dialog between the engineers in Gochsheim, Göttingen, and Lambrechten resulted in a tailored-made solution for Refratechnik Cement GmbH. – The next step now is the manufacture of the new hydraulic press, plus logistics and commissioning at the customer’s plant in Gochsheim.